A Tale of 3 Little Fish

We are a trading company dealing in reproductive and health products for fish and shrimp. 3LF envisions being a leader in providing complete solutions for the aquaculture industry as a whole.

3LF has come a long way from being a local company trading in proprietary products to a skilled team of sales and technical support that provide solutions to concerns voiced by shrimp or fish farmers. We not only provide strong technical support for the products we sell but we are also eager to share and disseminate whatever knowledge we have gathered in our endeavor to help better the customer’s farming practices.

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Official Distributors

We are the official distributors of Syndel Laboratories aquaculture pharmaceuticals such as spawning hormones, anesthetics and disease control products for the South East Asian market.

We are looking for “Authorised Resellers” in any of the following countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. Please do get in touch with us via our Contact Form.

What We Do

Product Solution Providers for the Aquaculture Industry.

Besides Syndel products, we also supply Aquaculture chemicals, biologicals, nutraceuticals, and test kits, as we keep in line with our policy to only provide products of high quality and compliant to local regulations.

Commercialization of new local inventions related to the aquaculture industry.

We target speciality devices and kits that will pioneer solutions for the aquaculture industry and the aquatic industry in general.

Bioremediation, analysis and treatment of water bodies.

Together with our partners, 3LF works to achieve our mission to assist private companies and government institutions in the sustainable development of aquaculture, fisheries, lakes and reservoirs and nearshore coastal environments.

Latest News

  • The SUSTAINABLE AQUACULTURE SERIES – Disease in Shrimp Culture 🦐🦠

    April 15, 2021

    In this video, Calix will be talking about the effects of disease in aquaculture, why and how it has affected the shrimp industry quite seriously in the last decade. With the purpose of solving global challenges, Calix has developed AQUA-Cal+, a water conditioner that safety addresses disease, improves productivity – to sustainably meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population. Link: https://youtu.be/HSLswcluS8w #3littlefish #aquaculture #farming #fishfarming #prawns #water #pond #sustainable #sustainability #environment #biosecurity #culture #safety [...]


  • First Official Record of Ovaprim® Spawning Hormone Application on Sharks

    April 5, 2021

    Ovaprim are no longer only a breeding hormone for Aquaculture use, but also contributed in the efforts of sharks conservation! “Since there is no official record of Ovaprim® application to elasmobranchs yet, it is not known whether Ovaprim® will work on sharks. To confirm whether it works, experiments using two shark species: the banded houndshark (Triakis scyllium) and the whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) were performed.” Link: https://doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2020.571741 #shark #species #exsituconservation #research #korea #ovaprim [...]


  • Expert Insights into EMS in Shrimp 🦐🦠

    April 1, 2021

    “The detection of an unidentified pathogen in my own farm caused me to consult some of the world’s preeminent experts on early mortality syndrome (EMS) about a possible solution and taught me another vital lesson in biosecurity.” #shrimps #shrimpfarming #shrimpaquaculture #shrimpdisease #ems Link: https://thefishsite.com/articles/expert-insights-into-ems-in-shrimp [...]


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