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LHRHa (Spawning Fish)

Active Ingredients: LHRHa is in powder form and can be diluted in either distilled water or saline solution (0.6-0.9%).


LHRHa is an analogue of mammalian luteinizing hormone releasing hormone used for fish reproduction. Make up only enough stock solution as will be required for each day’s dosage. Fish should be anesthetized with Tricaine-S and weighed prior to injection.

Dosage Information

  • Clarias Catfish, single injection 20ug/kg, ovulation 15-18 hours later.
  • Carp, double injection 5ug/kg Primer, 15ug/kg Secondary with 18-20 hour interval, ovulation between 4-8 hours after last injection.
  • Grouper, three injection of 10ug/kg at interval of 12 hours, ovulation after 15-18 hours after third injection.

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